Do you wonder about being an artist?

Do you wonder about being an artist? There is an art piece being created In the [...]

Christmas wish

Have you thought about what to give on christmas? You don’t know what to [...]

Kintsugi- The art of repair II

In the last article about the art Kintsugi, HERE we learned that it is an [...]

Kintsugi – The art of repair

… could you repair this bowl for me? It was a wedding gift! I sometimes [...]


Porcelain is beautiful, tradicional material. I have tried its features and capabilities. [...]

ECO bags

Perceiving what is happening around us, it seems that the biggest power to protect the [...]

Rádio Regina – About my art work

I don’t do an interview for a radio every day, and that is why this [...]

Article in BBonline.sk

She works with chunks of wood, which are not ideal, perfect or symmetric. However they [...]


My creations pass though my hands many times. I have touched, cut, formed, changed, sanded, treated, [...]