It is time to uncover a hidden artist in yourself…

 Do you wonder about being an artist?

There is an art piece being created In the ennacca atelier, you could be its author.

With the use of “ennacca art” set you can create

Your own valuable art pieces 

based on the ennacca´s main principles

Natural materials


Modern design

Timeless look


I will gently guide you, inspire you, but the final look depends only on you.


Your energy. Your artform.

Are you ready to reveal your art pieces? Or do you want to make someone happy with a priceless gift?

Even art piece like this can come to life with the use of your hands (and imagination). 

Only thing needed is the will to create. I will take care of the rest.

In ennacca our believes are based on a combination of high quality materials in accordance with the respect for nature and sustainability.  All art pieces are inspired by the picture or a footprint that the nature itself creates. I like to recreate the magnificence of nature through my art and bring this original and unique energy of wood and ceramics into your homes.

In the art set ENNACCA ART you can find everything that you will need to create your own impeccable art piece.

buy set ennacca art

Discover the simplicity of your own work.

follow my DYI videos

Background painting

Painting “urban” set

How to paint geometry

ennacca art farby

Mixing colours

Want to create more? Purchase an extension to create “diptych” – a pair of images or other tools.